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The ELDERS MINISTRY Team purpose is be be responsible for the spiritual well-being of the congregation and to provide for the temporal well-being of the pastors.

The Elders inistry Team was formed in 2015 as a respnse to the latest congregational survey responses that indicated a congregational need to "better take care of each other." A nominating committee waas formed to reach out to candidates to serve on the Elders Ministry Team.

The 2016 team consists of:

Rich Baldwin (Head Elder), Gil Carlson, Deb DeBerry, Martha Greene, Joel Helms, Christi Lorenz, Doug Piercy, Hans Meulenberg, Susan Roby, David Meyer and Tom Sparacino.

Each congregation member has a representative from the Elders Ministry Team to reach out to and to be contached by. An introduction letter was sent out to all congegation members. Elders Ministry Tem members are continuing to pray for and reach out to all congregation members.

SUMMARY of Duties and Responsibilites

1. The Elders Ministry Team shall be responsible for the spiritual well-being of the congregational members, individually and corporately.

A. Get to know the families and keep in touch with them.

B. Pray fo the families; encourage those who have been negligent in worship attendance to return to again have the benefits of hearing the Holy Gospel, receiving Holy Communion and enjoying the fellowship of believers

C. Be available for the familes when someone is hospitalized, is homebound with and illness, or there's a death in the family

D. Make a point to welcome visitors to the church and invite them to be a guest a t a mid week meal or other regualar schedled activity.

E. Attend as many congregation function as possible

F. Pray with the pastors before every worship service

G. Assist the Usher team to fill volunteer roles as needed (lectur, communion assistant, etc.)

2. The elders Mininistry team shall provide for the temporal well-being of the pastors.

A. Assist the pastor in the distribution of Holy Communion and with Baptisms during worship services if he deems necessary; and help in any other ways he deems necessary

B. Represent the needs of the pastor to the congregation

1. Act as an advocate of the pastor to the congregation speaking on his behalf when he is unable to unwilling

2. See that the pastors' needs are met, both physically and spritually be a source of spiritual care for the pastor and encourage him to seek pastoral guidance should he deem it decessary.

C. Represent the needs of the congregation to the pastor

1. Act as an advocate of the congregation to the pastor

2. See that the pasot meets the needs of the congregation

D. Be an example of Christian living and conduct

E. Assist the pastor in ministering to the congregation

1. See that worship is donducted in a orderly manner

2. Note members' church attendance and use of the sacraments, being cognizant of frequent/consecutive abesnces and non-use.

3. See that dealing with matters of grievances, complaints, and sins follow the patterns established in Matthew 18:15-20 (for private matters) of Galatians 2:11-21 (for public matters).